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Destination Wedding Key West Florida

Do you want to have the wedding of your dreams? Are you struggling to find the perfect, most romantic destination to have your dream wedding? Family Affair is one of the top wedding event specialists in Key west.

Where to start!

So how about we start with “well what makes Family Affair the best in Key West?”, “why should I celebrate in Key West?” First off, Key West is an island city located in Florida’s southern west point about 90 miles north of Cuba. It is one of the most popular cruise stops showing off its pastel painted houses and clear blue beaches famous for its coral reefs, making it a beautiful and festive sight for your fun and romantic night. The island is intimately small at just approximately 2 miles by 4 miles. You could cover the island on bicycle or moped as is the best island local transportation to get around. Talk about the perfect destination wedding, Key West!

Are you stressing over planning the most romantic night of your life?

Family Affairs will take you through all of the difficulties of planning your perfect wedding night making your planning as simple as can be. We provide you with all the tools you need to help you in every step you take towards your wedding day. For over 25 years of wedding experience our team of experts take pride in being able to provide you with the most stress-free wedding day possible. After all this is one of the most important days of your life. So, keeping you as stress free as we can, we do everything to fulfill your perfect wedding needs.


We have specialists in all categories from photographers, florist designers, planners and Dj’s. We will also take care of your hair, make-up, catering needs and so much more. No matter what plan you decide to choose we will be your pilot until you disembark into your new and happy marriage.


Our Key West  intimate package helps you go through the wedding fairy tale you dream up as a child. From delicious catering to a trolley tour ride around the beautiful island and a captivating view of the Florida sunset. We will not only be able to blow your mind away but all of your family and friends giving everyone an incredible, romantic and wonderful day as much as we possibly can. Which gives you the most memorable day of your life.