Wedding Insurance

We are thrilled you have chosen Family Affair Wedding Event Planning, as such we want to be sure we take a moment to review the need for wedding insurance and the limited funds needed to keep you and your event safe from major funds loss.

Some couples think only of a Hurricane – but the odds are much greater that you will have a family life experience that may cause date change, location change or cancellation.

So let’s take a moment to review – this subject is too important to be just fine print within your contract – as your guide to a perfect wedding celebration I want to be sure that you have considered some recent real life issues of couples that could have saved the couple/family their money as well as lots of headaches during a personal crisis to find that vendors/venues have a no-refund policy – so with just a few hundred dollars to protect their major investment of on average $25 k to $60 k contracted for their wedding celebration.

This past year we had the below situations occur that did required a cancellation just weeks before their wedding date:

  • Death of a child;

  • Hospitalization of a parent while in Key West;   

  • Groom – Stroke – Unable to travel;

  • Bride – car accident that required rehab for 6 months.

We put a couple calls out to a few of the companies that are listed within the link below (also noted in your contract) and the standard policy seems to be as follows:

  • insurance covers you for cancellations or postponement that occurs prior to the actual wedding date (so as of midnight the night before your wedding day);

  • Cost of insurance seems to be approx 1% per K – so for $25 k of coverage – $250 would be the cost;

  • When we checked all of our real life family crisis that are listed above were covered in full.


Feel free to shop multi insurance vendors – or – CLICK HERE to request a quote from a popular company that many of our couples have utilized ! 

Duval Loop

The Duval Loop is a bus route that runs from the Gulf to the Atlantic adjacent to Key West’s world-famous main street lined with shops, bars, restaurants, and all sorts of quirky stuff.  This free hop-on hop-off bus service makes 16 stops along the way, and runs every half hour in the mornings – 6 a.m to 10 a.m- and it runs every 15 minutes from 11 a.m until midnight. – For a detailed schedule or track the Duval Loop bus in real time, click Key West Transit