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We love to have all the details to be sure that your day is perfect in every way- so if you can review and complete – we will prepare a wedding day time line draft! Seeing your day in this format will assist you in scheduling bridal party, family, and other services (Hair/make up, bouquet delivery, etc)

    Wedding Day Time Line - Family Affair Planning
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    2. Now if you want to add special individuals that you want to be sure we capture (when time allows): Godparents Special aunts/uncles College Friends Work Friends Special Friends

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    First Look

    To read more and see photos of actual first look check out First Look Examples A description of the section goes here.

    First Look – 95% of our couples choose first look “first see each other prior to the ceremony” for the following reasons: • If the expressions/emotions are important to document then this is the only real way – when you are in the ceremony going down the aisle there is so much going on – family, bridal party, guests, etc. • When you choose a destination wedding you are surrounded by friends and family from the moment you arrive in Key West – until the last minute – so this 1 hour is your special time together on your Wedding Day. • YOUR photos are the first of the day – your excited, anticipating and emotional. You are also not trying to fit everything into cocktail hour and get to your party. • You have time to be photographed in various locations and to enjoy the day, the island and each other. • You have spent a lot of time and finances creating the perfect day and you want to enjoy every moment – so with a first look all the formal photos are done prior to the ceremony – you are in the party with your family and guests during cocktail hour etc. • It is a personal moment for the two of you that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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