Key West’s Top Venues

Beach Side and Ocean Front

  • PROS – full resort services (not just a towel at the pool) – immaculately kept, including gardens, various photo opportunities for couple – great photo locations for family & bridal party formals – most private- beach and reception area, hands down!
  • CONS – must be a beach reception (no ballroom back up or air-conditioning) most contract require a room block guarantee (to get around that pick a Monday to Thursday for your wedding date)
  • PROS – beach or dock for ceremony and best ballroom for reception – ballroom with floor to ceiling windows – atrium center – location is just steps away from the active side of Duval street
  • CONS – Beach is small but perfect for guest size of 30 or less – resort is tightly contained for wedding photos etc.  BALLROOM option
  • PROS –  private beach and oceanfront Terrance with panoramic view at the sunset side of Key West – ballroom available for weather backup
  • CONS – site requires extra decor to transform fully.  Ballroom Option
  • PROS – stunning beach location – privacy – inside restaurant ballroom or beautiful beach setting for reception.
  • CONS –  at Mile Marker 5 – just off Key West – located on Stock Island – so if you want to consider either trolley or Stock Island brand new hotels it is a great option.

 Marvelous island just 500 yards from Key West. You can have your ceremony on the beach at Sunset Key; Cocktail hour on the private catamaran or at Paradise cottage; And three hour reception at Paradise cottage or at on the Pier or Deck at Margaritaville.  Ballroom Option

  • PROS – private island off from Key West – special ferry transportation – stunning beach and property.
  • CONS– to have your entire wedding at Sunset Key – you must rent their 3 bedroom cottage for 3 nights.
  • PROS –  beautiful beach harbor for ceremony and reception – ballrooms available for weather backup – best guest rooms on the island – stunning suites with kitchens – room pricing is such that all your guests can stay and you can enjoy more than just your wedding day as a group.
  • CONS – requires a shuttle to get to Duval street.  Ballroom Option
  •  PROS – beach and fort are unique and massive for Key West – events can go to midnight.
  • CONS – it’s a state park so you cannot serve liquor until the park official closes – which is all depending on sunset –  so planning your time line can be important prior to confirming the location – also guest bathrooms can be a distance.
  • PROS  this location is ideal as a budget conscious option – beautiful garden courtyard.
  • CONS – the public beach is across the road from the Sheraton
  • PROS – the unique gazebo – only natural sand beach in Key West – ballrooms available for weather backup.
  • CONS – the ballroom has a low ceiling and no tents are permitted on the beach.  Ballroom Option
  •  PROS – stunning architecture and vintage feel – dark wood ballrooms with beautiful half moon shaped floor to ceiling windows.
  •  CONS – not much privacy unless you are in the ballroom.  Ballroom Option

Pier and Sunset Deck

  •  PROS – Stunning oceanfront cement dock pier .
  •  CONS– is a major thoroughfare especially at sunset (but one of the options they have is sunset deck which is totally private)  Ballroom Option
  • PROS – wood dock jets out over the ocean – private and beautiful – reception times can go later than 10 pm.
  • CONS – wood dock can cause havoc with high heels and bathroom is quite a distance
  • PROS –  outstanding oceanfront location with historic architecture –  you can own the “mansion” and all the rooms for a multi-day celebration – so have your own pool parties – welcome party etc. all at one location .
  • CONS – it is a pricier option – new requirements include taking over the entire mansion and guests house for 3 days and all music must end at 9 pm

Duval Loop

The Duval Loop is a bus that runs from the Gulf to the Atlantic adjacent to Key West`s world famous main street lined with shops, bars, restaurants, and all sorts of quirky stuff. This free hop-on-off bus service makes 16 stops along the way, and runs every half hour in the mornings – 6 a.m to 10 a.m – and it runs every 15 minutes from 11 a.m until midnight.

For detailed schedule or track the Duval Loop Bus real time click Key West Transit