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Hire the best wedding planners in Key West. Experience the romance of being on a private island. Celebrate your special day. Palm trees blowing in the tropical breeze. White-sand beach and smoldering sunsets. This is our gift to you. Check out Florida Keys wedding and honeymoon options. Family Affair wedding planners will also help you create the perfect wedding for you. We will see to every last detail. Our planners will ensure your special day is more perfect than you could have imagined. Family Affair also has top wedding planners in Key West. We offer Wedding and Event Planning. Ask about our Photography Services. Look into our all-inclusive wedding service packages.

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    3. Full Service - Full Celebration - Wedding - Rehearsal - Fishing etc. - DesignDay Of Planner - 45 days from event we take overDay of Assistance - limited services - but guide you through your day

    The more information you provide the better prepared we can be in responding but don't over think - we can always collect additional details as we move forward.