Contract a Planner



The Family Affair team can assist you from start to finish and with our team as your Day of Planner you will have a stress free and exciting wedding celebration.

Not only will we take care of you when you enter the island for your wedding day but we will also assist you through the full planning process (unlike any other planner on the island – who charge extra). We give you all the information you need to make wise and cost effective choices that will make your wedding day perfect in every way.

As YOUR wedding planner – we will guide you through some of the hurdles of planning a destination wedding and living in the real world! First and foremost you will have access to your planner from the moment you confirm our services with your deposit, since we believe the better the choices you make now the better the day is for everyone. You can schedule a conference call every 60 days while you are planning. Also, you will find that our website is unique; in that it provides our couples with a series of tools to assist you now and every step of the way till their wedding day. Once you contracted our service you can request quotes from any and all of your other service providers with just one quick form. We will do the rest. You will hear from each vendor individually to quote pricing and services. Or once you have contracted our services  you can select one of our “all inclusive” packages – we have streamlined the process by putting the top vendors bundled together – one contract – one deposit and you are confirmed! Hire us, we do what no other company does, we make planning your destination wedding EASY.

See below some beautiful design photos of recent weddings – and if you would like full description of Planning services scroll to the bottom of this page !!!

Quote Request
We would love to assist you building your perfect day - We will provide Planning services unlike those you will find on this little island - we will assist with all inclusive packages for all your vendors or we can assist you selecting vendors separately and then design the look - classic - rustic - vintage or romantic, etc.

  1. Full Service - Full Celebration - Wedding - Rehearsal - Fishing etc. - DesignDay Of Planner - 45 days from event we take overDay of Assistance - limited services - but guide you through your day

The more information you provide the better prepared we can be in responding but don't over think - we can always collect additional details as we move forward.

Family Affair Day of Planner starts with your date confirmation!

Our Fees includes all taxes for the service of Day of Planner : Includes 1 staff member on the day of your event (unless otherwise noted).  This is a flat fee that will take you from your contract to the end of your wedding day!  No additional fees for pre-wedding meetings, or conference calls.

Day of Planner – Responsibilities

Execution Timeline for Day of Planner – Starts at contract confirmation and ends after your celebration!
  • Day of Planner – starts when contract is signed – thereafter ~ email responses or referrals – & every 90 days scheduled conference call as needed
  • 45 days prior to the event – with a scheduled conference call with client where client will provide list of vendors, contracts, Venue and banquet contracts, diagrams, all misc details and decor details.
  • 35 days in advance Planner – provides clients the draft time line/agenda for review and confirmation –
  • 30 days in advance – Any necessary items can be shipped to planners home address – 9 Aster Terrace, Key West, FL 33040 ~ no sooner than 30 days in advance.
  • 30 days in advance – Planner calls the venue and all vendors to review contracts and details – makes any alterations to the client’s confirmed Time Line/Agenda
  • 27 days in advance (or sooner) After any changes are reviewed with client and altered time line/agenda is confirmed – the final timeline agenda is emailed to each vendor as well as venue
  • 15 days in advance schedule clients walk though with venue (time and date based on clients arrival) as well as Rehearsal time and day
  • 15 days in advance confirm Rehearsal time with officiate
  • 5 days in advance – email “Looking forward to Bride/Groom’s Name Event” with contact cell numbers and vendor list and start times for each participant
  • Meeting with couple the day they arrive (or as scheduled) to review all final details – collect any decor or wedding day displays and IF possible Marriage License
  • Scheduled Walk through at Venue with couple to review final diagrams, details, etc. – Txt Venue Associate to confirm
  • 1 Day in advance (or sooner) arrive at venue for rehearsal with couple, bridal party, and immediate family to walk them through the ceremony process — Marriage Licenses should be in hand for officiate
  • Morning of event – arrive at bridal suite 30 minutes prior to hair/make up – to check in – and then – troubleshoot, coordinate and seamlessly blend all the details into a stress free day –
  • arrive 30 minutes prior to first “set up” at chosen venue – to ensure that all vendors arrive timely and are prepared as scheduled
  • Prepare all personal bridal decor and details hours prior to entrance
  • Upon DJ or Band arrival – review line up and list of formalities
  • 30 minutes prior to the ceremony – Planner will coordinate all the “players” bridal party, parents, immediate family and couple – 30 minutes in advance of ceremony to ensure all
    are on property and will be ready to walk down the aisle ~ Be sure all flowers are with owners and boutonnieres are affixed
  • 15 minutes prior to the ceremony – Do a Guests count to see if we are on track for ceremony start time
  • 5 minutes prior to ceremony – seat guests and get ceremony underway
  • At conclusion of ceremony – help to coordinate group photos – if requested – assist with after ceremony photo locations and get guests to cocktail hour
  • 10 minutes prior to Reception entrance – locate players to ensure all are accounted for
  • 5 minutes prior to Reception entrance -start to coordinate line up
  • Then through out event assist to ensure a perfect celebration – notifying guests of dinner, answering any questions, preparing for cake to be displayed, etc. etc.
  • At the end of the event Planner will follow couples instructions on all items to be returned
    to the couple along with all gifts and safely place in couples room within venue site. If necessary the next week day – any items will be shipped per clients wishes to their homes (additional fee applies).
  • Up to 10 hours of service coverage on your wedding day.

Add On:

We would be happy to add an assistant planner for the day at a cost of $300 – this is extremely beneficial if you have a large bridal party, large immediate family, if you will be moving guests/family & bridal party around to several locations, would like personalized bridal service all day (not only venue/ceremony/reception servicing), if you are a DYO Bride with lots of decor, if various locations are included within your celebration, etc. – the goal is that your day is perfect in every way….

An additional $75 fee will be applied if we are packing all personal items at the end of the event and delivering to a location other than the reception area (for instance a rental home).

An additional $150 fee will be applied if you have non-resident of Key West as a vendor (musician, photographer, DJ or videographer) as a staff member will be designated to ensure that all venue policies are upheld and time line schedule is followed so that banquet is served as intended. (after venue approves and insurance info is provided).

An additional $100 fee per hour overtime will be charged for every hour over the agreed time line if celebration is extended anytime after the 10 day cutoff.

Selecting the right planner for you and your event is an important decision as they will be your Key West connection for the next several months and this relationship should be easy and fun – if you would like to start the process by speaking directly – then click here to schedule a call to get to know me!